Deco do it again by taking Arctic Monkeys back to Yazoo’s ’80s dancefloor

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Few bands are making the most out of our never-ending 2021 down time quite like Deco.

The London pop group — who released a killer 2020 EP called Real Life that should have already been on the radar — made global waves a few weeks back with a short teaser clip on Twitter that applied Oasis’ “Wonderwall” over Bronski Beat’s “Smalltown Boy,” asking what the Gallagher brothers’ biggest tune would have sounded like had it been released in the ’80s. The teaser generated 1.2 million plays, and the full mashup, released a week later, drew more than 600,000 views and all sorts of media and fan attention.

So what’s a band to do for a follow-up? Keep the formula intact and reconnect dancefloors of different eras, of course. Yesterday (February 16), Deco struck back by taking Arctic Monkeys’ aughts-born indie club night rager “I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor” and throwing it back to the ’80s, applying Alex Turner’s sneer across the synth-pop eyes of Yazoo’s 1982 new wave staple “Situation.”


It’s another pop gold rush for Deco, and even Yazoo (we call ’em Yaz here in the States) showed some appreciation. And just like their Oasis/Bronski Beat mashup, Deco are promising a full version soon. So stay tuned or move out, don’t mess around.