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Covering music, film, TV, and comedy since 2013, Vanyaland is an online magazine for “culture-forward” individuals looking to discover a definitive news, lifestyle, and entertainment source in their city and beyond.

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Paul Armstrong
Publisher & Chief Executive Officer

Michael O’Connor Marotta

Core Editorial

Victoria WasylakMusic Editor, Boston 

Nick Johnston Film Editor 

Jason Greenough – Comedy Editor 


Daniel Brockman – Senior Writer 

Michael Christopher – Senior Writer 

Kristen Bourdeau – Photographer

Terence CawleyWriter

Emily GardnerPhotographer

Kelly FoxWriter/Photographer

John Hutchings – Photographer

Maria Alejandra MataPhotographer

Candace McDuffie – Writer

Scott MurryPhotographer

Ted Petrosky – Photographer

Matthew ShelterPhotographer

Ben StasPhotographer

Barry ThompsonWriter

Eddy Leiva – Photographer

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