Cody Frost furthers her personal growth on ‘(I should) take better care’

Photo Credit: Naomi Kane

Because we’re trapped over here on the left side of the Atlantic (*checks map, does “L” shape with hand), we were a bit late to the Cody Frost party. British audiences were hip from the alt-pop musician’s run on The Voice a few years back, but we caught up back in April with the release of her rousing single “HIGH/BYE”. Today (June 4), she’s back with another emotionally-driven tune, this time in the sonic shape of a ballad called “(I should) take better care.”

While her previous single confronted a swirling sense of loneliness most of us grapple with on a daily basis, the piano-led “(I should) take better care” is a self-promise to become a better person by challenging the things that hold us back. “This song is about the process of admitting that you’re struggling,” Frost says. “I find it hard to admit when I’m sad, or when I need help, so it’s a reminder that I’m not the only one.”

It’s another impressing showing from the rising performer, and exhibits a rawness usually found in artists further along in their careers. We are very much here for it. Furthering the track’s pure vulnerability, “(I should) take better care” arrives today with a stripped-back live performance video. Embrace that epic release towards the end.