The ‘Jumanji’ gang heads to ‘The Next Level’ in the sequel’s first trailer


It’s a big week for Sony Pictures, as after a summer of bad press from Men In Black: International‘s belly-flop at the box office, they’re about to clean up with the well-received Spider-Man: Far From Home (read our spoiler-free review!). And, as such, the studio is going to use this week to promote every single upcoming feature they have coming up later this year, so expect a trailer-heavy week up until the fireworks start shooting off. To kick things off, the studio dropped the first trailer for Jumanji: The Next Level on Monday, which, in keeping with the last film, looks pretty fun! We’re not going to spoil the big surprise in the trailer, however, so we’ll just tell you to watch it and to join us after the embed for further discussion.

Take a look:

So, The Rock is apparently going to be doing a lengthy Danny DeVito impression this time around, which should warm the hearts of every single person disappointed by the Detective Pikachu casting choices. That’s in addition to Kevin Hart doing his best Danny Glover, which should be good for at least one “I’m getting too old for this shit” dropped somewhere in the runtime. In all honesty, we’re kind of excited for this: the 2017 Jumanji was a big fun surprise when it hit theaters two years ago, and we’re definitely happy we’ll get to spend some more time with these characters.

Here’s a synopsis:

“In ‘Jumanji: The Next Level,’ the gang is back but the game has changed. As they return to Jumanji to rescue one of their own, they discover that nothing is as they expect. The players will have to brave parts unknown and unexplored, from the arid deserts to the snowy mountains, in order to escape the world’s most dangerous game.”

Jumanji: The Next Level hits theaters on December 19.