Lainey Dionne takes control of toxic relationships on ‘Video Game’

Via artist

Be warned: When you play Lainey Dionne, you’re only playing yourself. And when you press play on the Rhode Island native’s new single “Video Game,” you might finally realize you’ve been the villain all along. Fresh off last year’s wonderful Self Titled album (which included a fiery dose of pop wizardry in “Wake Up Call” that we highly recommend ICYMI), Dionne dropped her new single over the weekend (March 20), and it’s all about being trapped inside a game controlled by a significant other.

But Dionne is quick to remind us that the heart is not something to be played with.

“‘Video Game’ is about feeling hopelessly stuck with someone,” Dionne writes. “You want to leave the relationship but you are manipulated into staying time and time again and you don’t feel strong enough to leave. There is a shift and you realize you don’t deserve toxic and controlling behavior. After struggling for so long, you find the strength to stand up for yourself because you will never win in a situation like that, so you quit — which is the best thing you can do.”

She adds: “Toxic relationships have a way of changing you, making you think you’re inferior, making you think you can’t leave — but you can. I hope this song is a reminder that you are never trapped, and you can control your own destiny.”

All solid advice, packaged perfectly in a pop song fueled by empowerment. Press play and fire it up below.