Pip Blom glide towards the tipping point on ‘It Should Have Been Fun’

Photo Credit: Erik Smits

Pip Blom remain our favorite thing to rep Amsterdam since Edgar Davids suited up for Ajax. And with the band’s sophomore album Welcome Break set for release October 8, the indie-pop quartet have dropped an ace new track today (July 15) that’s filled with some retro-Britpop vibes… but think Mansun or Supergrass over the more obvious picks.

The lively tune is called “It Should Have Been Fun,” and well, we can certainly apply our own context to that kind of title. But they, understandably, have their own visions behind it. And we’re all probably in sync.

“When writing the tracks for the record I wanted there to be a song that didn’t have the structure of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus 2x,” the band states. “It’s a common structure of course and I figured it could be cool to switch it up a bit. When the track starts it feels like it’s going to be a very sensitive, calm song. The verses capture the feeling of sadness, disappointment in yourself and someone else. But when the chorus starts the energy switches. It’s more angry, being fed up, wanting to change something, like there’s a tipping point. I really like how the track has these different parts that flow into each other. I can’t wait to play this track live and really give it our all when the final chorus hits.”


Pip Blom recently unveiled a string of UK dates for this fall and a headlining tour set for early 2022, but we’ll have to wait a while longer for the band to bring its bounce over to the states. I the meantime, this new tune, and the forthcoming album, should hold us over. Dive in below.