Good Life Boston set to re-open with 7 simple tips on showing support

Courtesy of Good Life

Like nearly all venues around the country, Good Life Boston has been closed since March 2020. Now, after 16 months of uncertainty, the multi-level Financial District nightclub, restaurant, and bar — a haven for DJ culture over the past 16 years — is set to re-open this Friday (July 16). To celebrate, they’ve outlined seven simple steps for patrons to get the most out of the experience… and help Good Life come out of the darkness.

The rules are pretty universal for all venues finally coming back to life after the pandemic (and no, we’re not out of it yet, Karen), and are easy-to-follow tips we can carry with us to all events, parties, shows, gatherings, and concerts over the next several months. Good Life hasn’t unveiled who might be DJing the Kingston Street spot this weekend, so consider the below their re-opening lineup. Hell, at this point, any club’s re-opening lineup is the patrons themselves. UPDATE July 15: Spinning Friday night are DJ Knife and DJ Black Mamba, and on tap for Saturday are DJ Stix and Big Bear.

“We love you all and we’re happy to be back!” Good Life writes on Facebook. “But that being said… here is the best way you can support a bar/club/restaurant after they have been shut down for nearly a year and a half…”

1. Don’t ask for free stuff (just can’t rn)
2. Show up
3. Be patient w/ doorstaff
4. Pay the cover
5. Buy a drink
6. Tip your bartender
7. Enjoy yo self!

“We appreciate everything everyone has done for us,” Good Life concludes, “and we are so excited to see you all this weekend!”

Cheers to that. Check out the venue’s two promotional videos below; we just love seeing those wooden boards come down.