This Stream Is Tonight: Henley Row Video Show has 8 reasons to stay in

Photo Credit: The Secret Bureau of Art & Design

Editor’s Note: We have tweaked our This Show Is Tonight series to reflect the recent phenomenon of live music livestreaming in the age of social distancing.


Yeah, sure, the world is opening back up, and we’re all finally allowed outside again. But there’s still good a reason to stay in and catch a livestream, and tonight (June 3), Henley Row is giving us eight of them via the Henley Row Video Show.

The Stoneham music production studio owned and operated by OldJack’s Dan Nicklin has lined up eight music video premieres from its network of artists, on the eve of their Friday release to the general public. Included in the show are visuals from Senseless Optimism, Nate Leavitt, Erica Mantone (pictured), Ringtail, and more, with a few performances by the Henley Row All-Stars, a collective that features Nicklin, David Mirabella, Eric Donahue, Chuck Ferreira, Rachel Barringer, and others. The stream is hosted by Anngelle Wood of Boston Emissions.

“I think the show is a direct result of the last year’s worth of life, really,” Nicklin tells Vanyaland. “As we started to realize that quite a few of these songs were going to finish up around the same time, I threw out the idea of having a common release date. It seems like having multiple folks with a common goal in the social media-rich world we live in can be a solid thing, a way for audiences to cross pollinate and the word to travel further than one person alone.” 

Nickin adds: “When you add that to the fact that all the tunes were produced by myself or Nate or some combo it felt like a great way to push the studio name as well as the bands and the songs and their videos. We had also come up with the Henley Row All-Stars name to give a home to tunes by players that record here [outside] their primary band. Thus the Henley Row Video Show was born.” 

The Henley Row Video Shkow starts up at 7 p.m. EDT. Hit the Facebook event page for the streaming link and more info.