The Last Show: Brandie Blaze at the Press Room in Portsmouth

Photo Credit: John Hutchings

Editor’s Note: Welcome to The Last Show, a new Vanyaland series where we talk to performers about their last traditional live appearance before the pandemic hit. As we slowly make our way out of this mess, and a return to stages appears to be coming (eventually), here are the stories of bands, artists, comedians and others who performed their last live gig in front of an audience around this time last year. These are their shows, their stories, their memories.

Brandie Blaze [Boston, MA]

Vanyaland: When and where was your last show before the pandemic?

Brandie Blaze: February 27, 2020 at The Press Room in Portsmouth, NH.


Who else was on the bill?

Bakari J.B., Esh The Monolith, Undu Kati.

What was notable about the show?


This was my first time headlining outside of Massachusetts. The crowd was incredible, and I was so happy to have my brother, Bakari J.B., on the bill with me. He’s an incredible artist that deserves all of the shine.

What do you remember the most about the show?

I remember the energy of the crowd and the other artists. This is my first time meeting Esh and Undu. They were both absolutely incredible. It felt good to connect with artists I’ve never met before.

If someone told you live music would be going away for at least the next year, what would you have thought?


I feel like I gave it my all, but I would have savored the moment more. I would have hugged more people. I would have made sure DJ WhySham’s schedule was clear so that she could travel with me. That might be hard because she was super busy, but I was a little sad that our last show wasn’t together. 

If someone told you live music would be going away for at least the next year, what would you have done differently?

I don’t think I would have done much differently. I leave everything on the stage every time I perform, whether it’s two people or 2,000 people. I maybe would have tried to stay onstage a little longer. 

What do you have coming up or coming out:


I’ll be a part of DJ WhySham’s “Finally Live” [event] on April 23 at 8 p.m. I’m honored to be a part of her album and this live experience. My third album drops this summer!

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