Cakeswagg sparks nostalgic mischief with new single ‘Ferb & Phineas’

Photo Credit: Monette Beau

Apparently, the only thing sweeter than Cakeswagg’s flow is the nostalgia she’s capable of conjuring with a handful of peppy bars.

“I know what to do today / Ferb and Phineas / Time to go dumb blonde / Bitch named Jillian,” she raps in her new single “Ferb & Phineas,” (out today, October 23), a one-two punch of references to the titular Disney show and a secondary Family Guy character. The nods to childhood gems don’t stop coming, either; mentions of cartoons like Inspector Gadget and Alice in Wonderland reveal themselves upon repeat listens (one choice sneak attack: The Mulan reference “spit a little fire like Mushu”). Thoroughly whimsical, but dead-serious in the track’s confident execution, “Ferb & Phineas” offers a stellar introduction to the Boston rapper for folks who are unfamiliar with her past work, like 2019’s Candy Cake Season.

“There’s a line in the song where I say ‘I know what to do today / ‘Ferb & Phineas,’ which is a line that Phineas said to Ferb every show before they built something outrageous,” Cakeswagg explains for people who didn’t grow up watching Phineas and Ferb (in Cakeswagg’s case, she was repeatedly subjected to it while babysitting her younger siblings). “The inspiration behind it was pretty much me letting everyone know I know exactly what I’m doing next. Kind of like me saying ‘don’t worry, I got this.’”


And we’re not about to doubt her. Tune in below.