Elohim is all of us when sizing up this ‘Good Day Bad Day’ timeline

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Last we caught up with Elohim, she got busy taking us all out to the rave. Since that late summer jaunt out into the desert, the Los Angeles alt-pop artist has had, quite like the rest of us, her share of good days and bad days. And the mood of the moments, on both sides of the spectrum, are on colorful display on her vibrant new song “Good Day Bad Day.”

And we’re hanging on tight to the wisdom in the chorus, as Elohim offers up the following: “Today’s a good day, tomorrow’s a new day / If today’s a bad day, tomorrow’s a new day / We gotta celebrate, when we get a good day / If today’s a bad day, tomorrow’s a new day.”

Tattoo that shit on the inside of our eyeballs.


“To be honest, it seems like the good days have been too few and far between lately,” says Elohim, “but deep in my heart I know a good day is there running beside us in a parallel universe, and I wrote this song to help remind me that nothing is permanent and anything can happen.”

Depending on the day you’re having, fire up “Good Day Bad Day” either via the Spotify stream, or the Phillip Vernon-directed music video, both listed at your convenience below.