Riotron rides a neon wave of synth, even as the ‘Lights Go Out’

Via artist

The first thing to note about Riotron, the Winnipeg-based electro-pop project from singer/songwriter Jeff Fettes, is that the moniker is a combo of two quality things from 1982: Duran Duran’s pop hit “Rio” and sci-fi fantasy film Tron. ’82 was a good year!

Nearly four decades later, Riotron is creating the type of thumping retrowave that makes us stay up all night, even in quarantine. And Fettes’ latest, out this past Friday (September 4) is a neon-wave romp of excess and synth called “Lights Go Out.”

“I liked the title ‘Lights Go Out’ because it has so much subtext with all of the things that can happen in the dark” says Riotron. “A dark club, a dark bedroom or even the darkness in our minds.”


Let Riotron take you to those places and back, and be sure to check out his very own Instagram filter, which brings his colorful single artwork directly into your grayscale lives.