Baby Queen opens up her ‘Medicine’ cabinet to deal with real life

Via artist

On her confessional new single “Medicine,” it takes less than 30 seconds for Baby Queen to lay down the lyrical gauntlet over her relationship with anti-depressants: “I used to want to die but now I want to live forever / I got friends online and they know me better than I know myself / And I don’t cry because my medication confiscates emotions now I can’t play with my feelings / So I go outside and I talk about the weather.”


Last month, the South African-born, London-based artist born Bella Latham was the “Buzzkill” at the party, and today (August 27) she follows-up her breakthrough hit with a new kind of open-journal dirty-pop jam. Not a bad swing for Baby Queen’s third single.


Of the diaristic “Medicine,” Baby Queen says this: “It’s about a tangle of mental health and navigating your way through this world, whilst being so unhappy and equally disillusioned with the cyber landscape that we are forced to live inside, and the different ways people might numb themselves, or try to find a place where they can exist in amongst all of this fucking chaos.” 

Hear yourself in “Medicine” below, and watch the video to relate on other levels.