Desire offer much-needed ‘Escape’ — with a new album on the way

Photo Credit: Johnny Jewel

Our current life of living socially distant trapped in self-quarantine leaves a lot to be desired. Thankfully, Johnny Jewel and Megan Louise are here to keep a steady beat.

Last Friday, Italians Do It Better outfit Desire returned with a glistening new post-disco track in “Escape,” aided with a wonderful synth escalation call-back to breakout hit “Under Your Spell”. And now this week we are gifted with the knowledge that a new Desire album, the electronic-pop project’s first since 2009’s II, will be released this summer.

“Megan Louise sings tales of love & lust cloaked in an analog sheen,” Italians Do It Better reveals via Instagram. “Shrouded in a cinematic haze. Throbbing with violent rhythm. Fresh Blood for the new you.”

We can hardly wait, and we’re clearly still under her spell. Fire up “Escape” below, get lost in Megan Louise’s angelic vocals and Jewel’s midnight-sharp production work, and long for a better tomorrow when we are free again.