Hey Zeus trip out all at Once in the wild video for ‘I Don’t Want It’


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There are few things as uncomfortably comforting as seeing Hey Zeus’ giant neon cross all lit up on the stage of Somerville’s ONCE Ballroom. It’s as much a performance staple of Boston’s heavy music community as Hey Zeus guitarist Pete Knipfing, who after years of serious riffage (Lamont, White Dynomite, The Scrooges…), is set to relocate to Nashville.

Before he bounces, we’re treated this week to a few points of Hey Zeus interest: First, a new music video for blistering track “I Don’t Want It”, which opens with the band’s signature cross back on that Somerville stage, where it illuminated the band’s 2017 barnstorm to the Rock and Roll Rumble final; and second, a going away party that welcomes the video and bids Knipfing farewell, this Friday (August 16) at Great Scott.

We’re not saying Knipfing’s farewell party (which doesn’t exactly mean the end of Hey Zeus, we’ll point out) will turn into the psychedelic virtual reality acid-trip shitshow depicted in this incredible Michael Cimpher-directed video. But we’ve also seen the ass-end of a Friday night at Great Scott many a’times, so choose your own adventure and send the dude off in style.

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