Hey Zeus got us runnin’ from the reaper on ‘I Don’t Want It’

New Sounds: The Boston rock dudes give a taste of their forthcoming record 'X', due early next year

Scott Murry for Vanyaland

Ok, so look, the Great Scott holiday party was last night, and even if you didn’t get totally shitfaced on either shrimp or alcohol (or both!), chances are you’re dragging ass this morning. Also, it’s Monday, we’re pretty much a week out from Christmas, and nearly everyone is already checked the fuck out. It’s a slow time.

So we’re gonna drop some rock and roll adrenaline into our playlists, and it comes courtesy of hard-charger Boston dudes Hey Zeus. The riff-mad track is called “I Don’t Want It” (yes we do), and it’s the first taste off the rock band’s forthcoming album X, due out February 1 through Argonauta Records.

“Having a good time is our 1st priority — and we leave people no choice but to take part in it with us,” Hey Zeus state to media. “We recorded and packaged up the party in X and we’re psyched to bring the message to masses. The album covers life, death, and everything in between. ‘I Don’t Want It’ is a look at the marathon that is running from the reaper — and how imminent the end is for all of us — how nobody wants to face it, but it needs to be reconciled with in order to enjoy the time we’ve got. So let’s do that. HEY ZEUS SAVES!”

Get into it below.

That featured image up top is by Scott Murry for Vanyaland, from the time Hey Zeus blitzed their way to the 2017 Rock And Roll Rumble Final. Hey Zeus return to ONCE for the X record release party on February 8 alongside Motherboar, Cocked N’ Loaded, and Labor Hex.