Niki Niki take our minds and ears on a ‘Pretty Sunny Funny Walk’

Photo Credit: Camille McOuat

The best kind of electronic-pop, perhaps more than other genre of music, always seems to toy with the idea of timelessness; themes of retro nostalgia dance fluidly with our vague ideas of the future, and sounds of yesterday strive for tomorrow in the same way tomorrow’s sounds are rooted in the past.

With that notion comes French-born trio Niki Niki, who have crafted an expansive and daydreaming art-pop track titled “Pretty Sunny Funny Walk.” It’s anchored by a June 5 release date, but swirls backwards and forwards on your mental time; it could be from 20 years ago, or 20 years in the future.

“Our music is the fruit of a transformation from tears to inner diamonds, an emotional pop which interrogates the actual world with all its violence and beauty,” Niki Niki tell us. “Our lyrics deal with reality through metaphoric waves.”

We’re invested. Join us along the way with the visual below, directed by Niki Niki vocalist, songwriter, and bass player Mélodie Orru.