Gary Gulman returns to late night for a 5th appearance on ‘Conan’

The Peabody native and 2018 Boston Comedy Festival Comedian of the Year captains Team Coco Thursday night


While Corey Rodrigues reached a milestone on Tuesday night with his late night-debut, another homegrown joke slinger is visiting Conan this week, and reaching a milestone of his own in the process.

Peabody native Gary Gulman is making his way back to the late-night spotlight on Thursday night (January 31) with his latest arsenal of stand-up gems, wooing the Coco crowd for the fifth time in his career.

Recently, the 2018 Boston Comedy Festival Comedian of the Year has had the Twitterverse fawning over his insights on what makes a truly effective stand-up set, presented under the hashtag #GulManTip — with praise from names like Judd Apatow, Mike Birbiglia, Patton Oswalt, and more — and while he’s no stranger to late-night stand-up spots, you can put money on the fact that many of those tips will be on full display Thursday night, as he is sure to put on a clinic for aspiring comics, industry vets, and everyone in between.


It’s an all-out Masshole affair on Thursday’s episode of Conan, as the towering Brookline native welcomes Gulman as well as fellow Bostonian Matt LeBlanc at 11 p.m local time.

To pass the time while you’re waiting for the latest installment, take a look back at the evolution of “The Gul” making it happen in front of O’Brien’s audience.

Featured image by Jason Greenough for Vanyaland.