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Lizzo raises a toast to her unwavering self-confidence in ‘Juice’

Her succulent retro-tinged bop rings in the new year as a 2019 self-empowerment anthem


Lizzo has never released a crappy single and she knows it. The forever-poppin’ giver of R&B bangers has already unleashed her 2019 blessing for us with “Juice,” her succulent new retro-tinged bop. The single, released today (January 4), somehow eclipses her older self-empowerment anthems like “Water Me” and “Fitness” with an even more staggering sense of confidence. Amidst food puns aplenty, one particular quip proves to be a self-fulfilling prophecy for the singer: “I like chardonnay, get better over time.” Get lost in the nostalgia-packed vid for the tune below.