Matilda Eyre pulls her dreamland into our reality on ‘The Calling’

Fast Tracked: The London-based German songwriter and musician returns with her latest single, a hazy bit of enchanted alt-pop


This past year has seen alt-pop subtlety shift from a vibe to a mood. Sliding across that gentle spectrum to meet us at our current position is Matilda Eyre, the London-based German songwriter and musician who has crafted an enchanted world of atmospheric sound in her latest single “The Calling”. The track, which you can hear below, is easy to get lost in; it swirls and stomps at a dedicated pace as Eyre’s voice and lyrics carry us along windswept fantasy lands. “‘The Calling’ is a song about our dreams and forgotten truths,” Eyre says. “The way we distract ourselves, get wrapped up and abandon our hearts; although like a subtle wind, like an echo from far away, our dreams are calling. That moment when we suddenly realize we’ve gone astray. ‘The Calling’ is a reminder of all dreams forgotten and a call to step out of your shadows and into the light.” We’re 100 percent on board here, and can’t wait to see what Eyre has in store for 2019. Her mood should set a proper tone for the world around us. Featured image via Charm Factory.