BIA gets down and dirty on ‘Nice Girls Finish Last: Cuidado’


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Known for her down and dirty gritty sound and a blossoming presence in the fashion world, BIA is taking a turn at-bat and she isn’t playing any games. Having been playing the background scene role for quite sometime, she’s ready to assume position as Boston’s Trap Diva as she drops her new EP, Nice Girls Finish Last: Cuidado.

With this six track effort, featuring guests like Kali Uchis and Kodak Black, BIA’s message is quite clear; she’s ready to assume her rightful spot in hip-hop’s international stage. Slowly building her catalog up to match her level of success, the Boston native has proved she’s ready to take the next step towards fame and fortune.

BIA, who is of Hispanic decent, never shies away from an opportunity to spice things up on records and has a developed a reputation for it. Most would consider her as being the extra ingredient on records and has displayed it on J Balvin’s “Safari” and Kali Uchis’s “Miami.”

But here, Nice Girls Finish Last: Cuidado delivers two sides of BIA, presenting the trap diva we’re used too as well as her softer side. From beginning to end this EP os hard work mashed up into six songs with the aforementioned guests complemented with dope production by Murda Beatz, Cardo, and Chris Andoh.

Listen to Nice Girls Finish Last: Cuidado below via Spotify.

Featured image via RCA Records.