Nah. are here with ‘Vitamin D’ to tell you that you aren’t special


For many of us, summer means two things — vibing on surf-pop riffs and breaking up with chumps. Everything else tends to fall into place once those two actions are completed, and this latest single from the brilliantly-named Nah. are connecting the pair in ways we’re totally feeling.

The D.C.-area band with psychedelic leanings in their breezy brand of alt-rock present “Vitamin D”, a musically chill tune that carries a bit more weight in its lyrical content. In short, it’s about moving the fuck on from a bad situation. “Take your shit and go-ohh,” offers vocalist Emma Bleker with a cool, sharp confidence, “you oughta have someone tell you you ain’t special no more.”

She ain’t even mad. But she knows what must be done.


“I think everyone has felt anger toward an ex-partner, for whatever reason, & the isolation that comes after separating from an important person in your life can feel really deafening sometimes,” Bleker tells New Noise on Friday. “For us, this song was about the process after that separation, and how that hurt and anger is not only okay to feel, but oftentimes a big part of healing. The important part is recognizing you have those negative feelings, and doing the work to make them constructive so that you’re able to come out on the other side with a positive learning experience. A little more sunshine.”

And that’s something we all can use, regardless of the season. Listen to Nah.’s “Vitamin D” below.

Featured image by Xavier Dussaq Photography.