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Gunship join forces with ‘Lost Boys’ sax man Tim Cappello and Indiana


Last summer during our massive 1987 Week spotlight series, Vanyaland senior writer Daniel Brockman went long on the ’80s pop culture “Sax Bomb”, highlighting the efforts of herculean saxophonist Tim Cappello.

Brockman writes that Cappello was “a legendarily in-demand session saxophonist who cut his teeth with both Peter Gabriel and Carly Simon before joining Tina Turner’s band… [and] was a massively jacked shirtless long-haired dynamo whose sweat-oozing performance in The Lost Boys is iconic and unforgettable, a cheesecake groin-humping extravaganza of full-throated singing and shaking-the-sweat-off-the-sax mania.”

Now after dropping his first solo album Blood On The Reed earlier this week, Cappello today lands with synthwave powderkeg Gunship, raising that sax on the trio’s blistering new joint “Dark All Day.” The electronic-pop ripper also features vocals from British alt-pop “Solo Dancing” singer Indiana.


Well holy shit.

“The undisputed king of ’80s sax joins us to blow his horn — Mr Tim Cappello himself, reprising his role from the movie ‘The Lost Boys’ some 30 years later!” writes Gunship on Facebook. “Timmy shreds on this track — a true legend — with Super Sassy Songstress Indiana belting out some kickass vocals.”

This is quite the team assembled here, and the track’s animated video takes things even further. The clip was produced by Gunship and Adi Shankar, and directed by The Junquera Brothers at Angry Metal Studios. “If you ever wanted to see BUFFY, BLADE, and other notorious slayers duking it out with vampire KIEFER,” adds the ‘Ship, “then go PEEP THIS VID!”


Damn straight we will. Once we catch our breath.

“Dark All Day” is taken from Gunship’s forthcoming LP of the same name, out in October, and you can pre-order it through Rough Trade here.