Taylor Swift melts some bubblegum pop in new single ‘Gorgeous’


Taylor Swift has gone off the musical rails and she wants everyone to know about it.

Starting with her “I’m Too Sexy” one-off “Look What You Made Me Do” and 1989-on-hip-hop-steroids “…Ready for It?,” Tay Sway’s Reputation era is already a huge departure from anything she’s released before.

The singer continued her streak today (October 20) with the release of “Gorgeous,” a bubblegum-infused track that carries more Swift-style lyrical laments of unrequited love. While “Look What You Made Me Do” portrays Swift in a pivotal position of power, she shrinks back into her shell significantly on this third single.


“You’re so gorgeous/I can’t saying anything to your face/Cuz look at your face,” she confesses on the chorus. Her gush almost harkens back to her hapless “Teardrops on My Guitar” days.


The teaser of the tune she had posted to Instagram on Thursday certainly aroused a fair amount confusion with its baby-voice twinkle-pop vibes, making it sound more like Kidz Bop than anything particularly edgy or dangerous, but in producer Jack Antonoff we trust, even if Ms. Swift is really raising some eyebrows these days.

Check out “Gorgeous” below: