New Sounds: Electric Youth redirect soundtrack efforts on the delicate ‘This Was Our House’

The music of Electric Youth will always be tied into the the theatrical. The Toronto synth-pop duo’s most well-known song remains “A Real Hero,” their collaboration with College that helped define the iconic soundtrack to 2011 cult film and modern classic Drive.

This week, vocalist Bronwyn Griffin and producer Austin Garrick are back with another tie to a film, only this time, what’s notable is their distance from it.

“This Was Our House,” a delicate, mood-setting piano number posted by Electric Youth earlier today and premiered by NOISEY, was originally intended to be part of the score to a film by Toronto director Anthony Scott Burns. Burns ended up leaving the production, and Electric Youth soon followed, taking the music they created for the movie, described as a combination of synth-pop and experimental and thematic sounds, and reshaping it for their new album. The LP will be called Breathing — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack From A Lost Film, and it’s out September 22 on Milan Records.

“This material started life as our first feature length film score,” they write on Facebook. “At a certain point in post-production, the producers changed the film so much that the director left. We followed him, taking this score with us.”

Breathing — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack From A Lost Film will be the pair’s follow-up to 2014 LP Innerworld. “That film Anthony set out to create, the film we set out to score, is lost in time now,” Electric Youth write, via NOISEY “There is another film in its place, using some of its footage but with a different spirit… This is the soundtrack from the lost film, an audio relic of the special film that once was.”

Listen to “This Was Our House” below.