More Dialogue: Listen to two new songs tweeted out by Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos

Passion Pit.


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Yesterday we reported news that Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos was set to announce a new company called The Wishart Group, designed to “support musicians and provide them with legal, educational and healthcare services.” As Wishart Music Publishing, the New York-based company had its name attached to Angelakos’ holiday video album, Merry Christmas, Mr. Fields, which was released in December in tandem with Frenchkiss Records.

Since the news broke, two mysterious new videos have sprung up, tweeted out by the Passion Pit (but not posted to its Facebook page). The songs are called “Somewhere Up There” and “Inner Dialogue”, and not much is really known about them. Are they new Passion Pit songs? Are they Angelakos compositions? Are they part of a larger release involving others?


It’s all about the music, though, right? So who cares? Just listen and don’t sweat the details.

Both videos are tagged with #seaoflove, so we’re sure we’ll be getting more info soon. As we all know, Passion Pit’s latest album, Kindred, dropped in April 2015, spawning the singles “Lifted Up (1985)” and “Where the Sky Hangs.”

Stay tuned. Hit play. Ease up.