This Is Him Now: Eugene Mirman brings Audible comedy series ‘Hold On’ to ONCE Ballroom

Though he’s best known as the voice of Gene Belcher on Bob’s Burgers, Eugene Mirman is one hell of an interviewer. Actually, we have no idea if that’s really true or not, but we’ll certainly find out tonight, when Mirman brings his audible comedy series Hold On to ONCE Ballroom in Somerville.

The show is part of the ongoing Boston Comedy Festival (check out preview here), and this evening Mirman will welcome guests like Emo Philips, Jonathan Katz, Mara Wilson, and Ken Reid.

The live installment of Hold On is an extension of Mirman’s storytelling series on Audible and Amazon Prime. He explains it better than we ever could in the video below, but here’s details from the event description:

“Often, the very best stories have a moment — or several moments — where the audience desperately wishes that they could raise their hand, jump up, and ask the storyteller on stage one question: “UM, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??!!” But, of course, that’s not exactly in the cards. Everyone knows that stopping a live performance is rude, weird, and sometimes downright obnoxious.

“This new series from Audible takes a different approach. Our host, comedian and storytelling aficionado Eugene Mirman sits down with a new comedian and performer each episode and playfully pauses their true, entertaining, and personal story whenever he darn pleases. If Eugene has a question, he asks it. If he wants to put the storyteller on the spot, he goes for it. If he wants backstory, he gets it.”

More deets on the flyer.


Featured Mirman photo up top by Seth Olenick.