Squad Goals: Details emerge on Harley Quinn’s next big screen appearance


Not even the harshest critics of summer’s rigorously botched Suicide Squad flick had too many unkind words about Margot Robbie’s performance as Harley Quinn. Ergo, there was never any doubt that the most popular antihero in all of cosplaydom would return to the DC cinematic universe.

At the moment, it appears she’ll be back in a Birds of Prey — or Birds of Prey-ish — movie which, according to The Wrap, officially has a screenwriter in the form of Christina Hodson (Shut In) as of Friday.

DC hasn’t made any official announcements about the project, and as Quinn has never been a member of the all-female crime fighting brigade in the comics, there’s reason to doubt that what Hodson’s writing is literally a Birds of Prey flick starring Harley Quinn.


Such a prospect would be akin to a Fantastic Four movie prominently featuring Wolverine.

But if we can presume this developing Quinn-related film transpires in or near Gotham City, and aims its spotlight on a few of DC’s non-dude protagonists, this means Barbara Gordon might get a live action treatment that compensates for the beating she took along with everybody else connected to Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin back in 1997.

Because movies — like every other aspect of society — could use more Babs, let us remain hopeful that Harley Quinn’s second movie pans out better than her first one.