Straight Out Of Red Line: Petition launched for Godsmack’s Sully Erna to voice the MBTA

Back in the summer of 2014, Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh declared August 6 to be Godsmack Day around the city, a celebration of the Massachusetts alt-metal band and all their accomplishments. Now, if one person gets his way, the voice of Godsmack’s musical voodoo, Sully Erna, will not only be honored on one day of the year, but each and every day — via the MBTA bus and train announcements.

A person named John Lee of Melrose has created a change.org petition to Make Sully from Godsmack the voice of the MBTA.

And it makes sense, as the T is the one place where all Bostonians truly stand alone.

“The prerecorded voice on the MBTA buses and trains is soulless and robotic,” states the petition, directed to the Massachusetts State Senate. “How great would it be to have a Boston native be the voice of the system? Instead of a robotic voice telling you the doors are closing, you could have Sully proclaim, ‘The doors are now closing, Get Back!’ or ‘The T is now out of service please Go Away!'”

Lee adds: “Sure, you might say this is pointless, but think of it from a tourist’s perspective. They get off the plane at Logan and hop on the Blue line to hear Sully, in his native Boston accent, tell them to ‘Get Back’ from the closing doors. It’s an experience you wouldn’t find anywhere else.”

After being created on Thursday (September 8), the petition so far only has 10 signatures, far short of Lee’s intended goal of 100.

Interest could swell in the coming weeks, however, as Erna will soon launch his acoustic “Hometown Tour”, which kicks off October 26 in Atlanta and wraps here at Boston’s Wilbur Theatre on November 23. Tickets go on sale today; meanwhile, the Erna’s new solo album, Hometown Life, is out September 30 via BMG.

Full “Hometown Tour” date are below, via Blabbermouth.