Doot Do Doo: The hottest new club track is this remix of David Cameron’s resignation

We’re not sure anyone here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. noticed, but when British prime minister David Cameron officially announced his resignation from his post yesterday, he walked off the podium and back into 10 Downing Street all while singing a little “doot do doo, do do.” It was a calm hum from a man who seemed relived (and possibly unsure that his mic was still live); a simple gesture that said “Welp, I’m out of this fine mess alright yeah.”

CBC called it “a song of relief”, others equated it to the sound a person makes while clearing out his or her desk before a long vacation.

Well, naturally — and because internet — Cameron’s quick ditty has been remixed. And it’s a banger, yeah!

Accessibility consultant Graeme Coleman of Scotland is responsible for the dirty work, and while he doesn’t bill himself as any sort of producer, his online bio states he does enjoy creating a mash-up or two. This, however, is possibly his finest work.

His tweet of the 90-second remix has been retweeted 1,300 times in the past seven hours or so, and due to the demand, Coleman has put the track on YouTube. His Twitter mentions are littered with media requests.

“My Twitter mentions are exploding,” he writes. “Thanks everyone for the positive comments for something that only took about an hour to put together!”

May it live forever.

And here’s the YouTube version.