Exploring the depths of human emotion through the debut LP from Providence’s Broken

Sometimes the best art comes from pain. Pain breeding from heartache, a nervous breakdown, being alienated, and experiencing rough times. Sean Murphy went through all that, and while others would just wallow through it all, he decided to start a band and let people who are going through the same know that they’re not left abandoned. Through the struggles, Murphy combined forces with Evan White, Lizzy Callas and Dylan Alexander to start the musical project Broken. The theme of the band’s sound goes along with the band’s name while adding slight doses of lo-fi and shoegaze to punk.

Providence scene folks know Murphy from hardcore legends Verse and the indie rock act Bad Swimmers. His current project has recently put out a stunner of a debut album in Cortisol Blues. What’s interesting about the recording is that it identifies with the root of blues that examines the plight and strife one deals with in their life. With Murphy on vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards and samples and White on percussion the album also incorporates Callas, Jenny Hall, Hussy’s Aime Miller and Shannon Le Corre from doom metal act Bloodpheasant and punk rockers Gertrude Atherton on assisting vocals. Cortisol Blues shows the genius of Murphy’s lyrics and the poignant style Broken possesses.

Exuding tales of abuse and isolation is exhibited in the kick off track “Need To Bleed” with Murphy relating to the misery and suffering that comes with it. The guitar tone is also dark and reverb fresh, making the track musically special. “Super Inflated” goes straight to the point with Murphy starting things off with “I’ll cut your head off”, attacking the false ego of people who, let’s face it, gets egregiously annoying. A roar introduces “Trash Me”, releasing emotions from being discarded and alienated. Truly an anthem for the ones cast aside.

Broken is an artistic example of what it feels like to be an outcast and on your own. Releasing the torment of thinking no one gives a shit while spreading the message that there is someone out there who always will. Music has a way of hitting the consciousness hard when it comes through the ears with forceful meaning. Cortisol Blues exhibits that in excellent fashion.

Give it a listen, buy it, and enjoy via the link below.