Museum of Science’s SubSpace Project honors Bowie and Prince, celebrates Björk and Beyoncé


A few weeks back the Museum of Science in Boston celebrated the life, legacy, and music of the late David Bowie. Its two events sold out faster than you could say wham bam thank you ma’am.

Now, the learning hub is bringing Bowie back to its planetarium for the SubSpace Project, a four-night musical experience that overloads the senses. Joining the Duke (May 11) in the spring and summer lineup is a tribute to Prince and the Purple Rain album (June 15), as well as nights soundtracked by Björk (July 20) and Beyoncé (August 24).

That last one is BYOL.


“Plug in to your favorite musical legends as they ignite the Charles Hayden Planetarium in a series of one-of-a-kind tributes,” reads the MoS info page. “Each month, music and stunning visuals will fuse into the ultimate mash-up. Tracks from the most celebrated icons will light up the dome and engulf you in an electrifying visual playlist. Music comes alive in SubSpace Project — only at the Museum of Science!

Amazingly, WBUR The Artery reports that the Prince night was planned long before the musician’s passing, and tickets actually went on sale the day he died, Thursday, April 21. Let’s hope nothing happens to Bjork and Bey between now and the summer.