Rapper Skate Maloley cancels Boston show after brawling with security at New York’s Webster Hall [video]


Nebraska rapper Skate Maloley has cancelled his appearance in Boston tonight after brawling with security last night at Webster Hall in New York City. According to listings, the 21-year-old was set to perform at VENU in the Theatre District, but that show has been nixed after a violent altercation with Webster Hall staff cut his Saturday night gig short.

“Boston unfortunately with what happened we will not be able to make it to the show tomorrow! The Skaterade tour will continue,” Maloley tweeted out. “We will be having Salt Lake City, Boston, and yet another New York show in the near future. I got yall.”

According to reports, Maloley and several of his fans in the audience at Webster Hall were allegedly attacked by the venue’s security after the rapper tried to get one of the guards to stop tasering someone in the crowd.

Video of the wild incident is below.

Webster Hall says the whole thing is under investigation, but disputed some of Maloley’s claims.

“Saturday’s incident is being fully investigated, as there are misreports about what took place,” the venue writes on its tumblr page, via Billboard. “Webster Hall’s staff do NOT carry tasers and are not armed. They carry strobe flashlights. The safety of all guests is always our primary focus.”

Check out some of the scene below, as well as Maloley tweets after the incident.