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Star People: Listen to Eddie Japan tease their upcoming tribute to David Bowie


If there one thing we have learned since the death of David Bowie last month, it’s that there are no shortage of tributes to the late music and fashion icon. Some of the honors are well received, like Goddamn Glenn and Gene Dante teaming up for a rendition of “Under Pressure” at Heroes’ Bowie tribute night late last month. Others, like Lady Gaga’s free-wheeling medley last night at the Grammy Awards, drew a decidedly polarizing reaction (Rolling Stone called it “astonishing”; people on our Facebook page were decidedly less than impressed).

Here in Massachusetts, cinematic rock ensemble Eddie Japan are next up in musically throwing their arms around the Duke, taking on Bowie’s storied work this Friday night at Johnny D’s in Somerville. Eddie Japan, the winners of the 2013 Rock And Roll Rumble, are no strangers to honoring a legend — in 2014 we dropped to our knees over their cover of Morrissey’s “First Of The Gang To Die”.

Eddie Japan aren’t giving away too many secrets from Friday night’s party, one of the last at the long-running Davis Square live music club, but they have released a short teaser clip of the band in the studio belting out “Starman”.


“If perhaps you were underwhelmed by Lady Gaga’s ‘1970s variety show Bowie tribute medley thing’ on the Grammys last night,” Eddie Japan writes on Facebook, “we promise something a bit more authentic this Friday at Johnny D’s Uptown Restaurant & Music Club. We play an extended set featuring full versions of some of your favorite Bowie songs, and we are so excited to bring them to you.”

We’re told that the night’s opening act, Jenée Halstead, the avant-garde folk performer whose 2015 album Edge of the World was critically acclaimed, might have some Bowie in her bag of tricks as well. Check out the teaser trailer below, and stay tuned…