Help out the good dudes in Vundabar, who got robbed of $6,000 worth of gear in Philly

The good dudes in Massachusetts rock band Vundabar had a bit of trouble this weekend in Philadelphia, and it’s now up to their fans and friends to help them out.

The Boston Music Awards-nominated trio played a show last night at DIY venue Mantua Yacht Club, and afterwards their car was broken into and thieves made off with $6,000 worth of gear and their merch box. The incident allegedly happened in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Brewerytown.

This afternoon, a GoFundMe campaign was established by the band to help them recoup some of the losses.

“You’ve heard this story before and unfortunately I’m sure you’ll hear it again,” the band writes on the GoFundMe page. “While staying over night in Philadelphia for a show that Vundabar was playing, our car got broken into and $6,000 dollars in music equipment was stolen. Needless to say this is deeply upsetting and while we can’t replace the sentimental value of these instruments, there’s the functional issue of the fact that we’ve been Shanghai’d, on the hook for $6,000 dollars that we don’t have for things we need in order to continue this band. We feel lucky to be able to do what we do, and have the support of so many people. I wish there was a better avenue to take with these things but right now it seems like the only option is to pass the hat. Thank you always for your love and support.”

Vundabar has released a list of the stolen items, and we all ask that anyone in the area be on the lookout for the following:

Vundabar GEAR LIST:

Fender Stratocaster Roadhouse edition w/ “Thanks Folks” written on the back with orange acrylic paint. ‘No nada’ written on back of headstock in black marker. Smashed wood on headstock. Orange acrylic on back of headstock.

Fender Deville 4×10 with “no beer here” written on top of it.

CYMBALS: Sabian duo ride, Zildjan armand crash, Meinl Byzance dark high hats, snare Ddrum Dios series, redsparkle finish 13-by-6-inches.

Fender Modern Player series jazz bass w/ two humbuckers.

Mini-tube screamer.

Full tone GT 500 distortion pedal.

Get in the giving mood by listening to Vundabar’s excellent 2015 album Gawk via their Bandcamp.