Library Of Sound: Providence’s Roz & The Rice Cakes’ experience a ‘Close Encounter’ in new 7-inch

Over the past few weeks there’s been something pretty cool happening at the Providence Public Library at 150 Empire St. Chris and Jennifer Daltry from What Cheer Records & Vintage over in the east side of the city have been teaming up with the library for a series called “Don’t Stop The Music,” and this Friday will be a special conclusion to the unique assortment of shows.

Providence indie-pop act Roz and The Rice Cakes will be celebrating the release of their 7-inch single “Close Encounter” off of Upstate New York label Team Love Records for a show including the experimental vocal looping of Omnivore, Austin psychedelics Megafauna, and Classical High School’s Jazz and Rock Band. It should be a once in a lifetime experience where the sound will be loud in a place that usually stresses on keeping things quiet.

The library is not only a beautiful historical building filled with amazing books, artifacts, and knowledge — it also has a little known, incredibly radical, and haunting auditorium hidden inside its walls. A night of intergalactic rock will be taking over the auditorium this Friday, and in addition to the sound, it’ll also feature a cosmic set design curated by the band, Providence collaborative group Manic Pixie Radio, Boston’s Theives Grotto Collective, and alt-rock radio station 95.5 WBRU.

For Roz and the Rice Cake crew, “Close Encounter” comes at you with a tinge of trip-hop and a subtle groove accented by Roz Raskin’s lovely voice while the b-side, “The Conversation,” brings the thud with Justin Foster’s bass anchoring the entire track. There will be handmade vinyls of the new single (trust me, you’re going to want one) along with cassettes being available as well.

Listen to the track below…