Po Love Lost: ‘Teletubbies in black and white’ looks like a Joy Division video

UPDATE 2:27 p.m.: Inspired by the suggestion, someone created a b/w Teletubbies video soundtracked by Joy Division.

This is the way, step inside… to Teletubbyland.

A black and white image of the Teletubbies has been making the internet rounds over the past several hours, and it’s been described as “terrifying”, “unnerving”, and just plain “terrible”.

But as many others have noted, it also looks like a long-lost still from Joy Division’s music video for 1980 single “Atmosphere,” which gives it all a whole new level of creepiness. The Anton Corbijn-directed video for “Atmosphere” was released in 1988 to coincide with the band’s Substance compilation, depicting figures in black hoods and white burial shrouds.

Teletubbies, a television program aimed at young children featuring weird aliens who worshipped a Sun Baby, originally aired from 1997 to 2001.

Compare the two below…