Even Blurrier: Marvin Gaye’s family suggests Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ sound a lot like ‘Ain’t That Peculiar’


If Pharrell’s happiness wasn’t completely interrupted by this week’s “Blurred Lines” ruling, perhaps additional legal trouble will seal the deal. Family members of Marvin Gaye’s estate have suggested that the pop producer’s 2014 mega-hit “Happy” sounds a bit like Gaye’s 1966 jam “Ain’t That Peculiar.”

Marvin Gaye’s daughter Nona admitted there are some similarities in the two songs.

“I’m not going to lie; I do think they sound alike,” says Marvin’s 40-year-old daughter Nona Gaye, via CBS News. But fresh off a legal victory in which the Gaye estate was awarded $7.3 million in its copyright suit against Pharrell and Robin Thicke, Nona Gaye says she isn’t jumping right back into the courtroom… just yet.


“We’re not in that space,” she adds.

Says Gaye’s ex-wife, Janis Gaye: “We’re just in the moment today and we’re satisfied. I heard the mash-ups — but I didn’t really need to hear them. I know ‘Ain’t That Peculiar’ and I’ve heard ‘Happy.'”

Haven’t we all. Here’s in particular mashup.