Town Called Malice: Paul Weller threatens Noel Gallagher over potential Oasis reunion

Another day, another brilliant soundbite from Noel Gallagher and relayed by the NME. Yesterday, the former Oasis guitarist and current High Flying Birds leader fired back at Sleaford Mods in true Noelly G fashion, and today, Gallagher reveals he’s been threatened by none other than Paul Weller about possibly reforming his old band.

Which all makes sense, as Weller has been adamant about never fully reforming his old band, the Jam. (Editor’s Note: which is a god damn shame).

Here’s what Gallagher had to say about ol’ Weller and reunions:

“He threatens me that if I ever go back in Oasis that’ll be it between us,” Gallagher said. “He always says ‘You fucking heard all these fucking things about your fucking reunion?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I know’ and he goes ‘You’re not fucking do it?’ and I’m like, ‘No’, and he’s going ‘Good good good’.”

He continued: “Basically, if Oasis ever did get back together, which is highly unlikely, I’d have to leave London and move back to Manchester… because he’d put my fucking windows in.”

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds release their sophomore album, Chasing Yesterday, on March 2. Earlier this week we posted the band’s collaboration with former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr — speaking of bands that will never reform! — and you can watch that video below.