Walk On: Hear Aloud re-ignite Edwin Starr’s ’60s classic, ‘Twenty-Five Miles’

Credit: Mikey Basu

There are roughly 215 miles between our town and New York City. That gives Boston rock band Aloud more than eight times to shout out the lyrics to Edwin Starr’s Motown classic “Twenty-Five Miles” on their way to their CMJ party at Carroll Place in NYC Saturday night.

But why just shout it out in the van when you can properly record it and release it for others headed down to enjoy as well?

Check out Aloud’s fresh-out-of-the-oven cover below, and be sure to catch them at the South-By-Northeast party, For Liberty’s Sake, this Saturday night. It also features the Rationales, Tigerman WOAH, the Silks, Nate Leavitt, Le Roxy Pro and OldJack, and is presented by Narragansett.


Keep on walkin’. Even if you’re drivin’.