Drive-By Synthing: Listen to two new sparkling electro-pop songs from Boston’s Let’s Wait


Some would say it was the splashes of bright colors on their singles artwork. Others might say it was the lower-case mistral typeface logo. Or perhaps it was an apparent love for the Ryan Gosling film Drive and the 2011 modern classic’s incredible soundtrack.

It was likely a combination of all three, but one thing is for certain: lately, we have been feeling the ever-loving fuck out of Boston electro-pop Let’s Wait.

Now with three delectable synth-pop singles out for mass consumption, the crew have announced their EP release party, going down November 14 at the Lilypad in Cambridge. The evening doubles up as Glow Power’s first live show (we first hyped Jeff Bartell’s instrumental project back in June), and also features our BFFs Party Bois and VJ sets by Docile Effects.


We still have about a month to go before the show arrives, so hopefully we’re not sick of these new tunes by then. Chances are we won’t be, as the new wave-fed “Shadows” has been a regular player on Vanya Radio’s “This Is 617” program, and Let’s Wait’s latest offering, the yearning, r&b-pop-flavored “Happy Bottom Riding Club,” seems destined for the same fate. These tracks get better with each listen.

Check them both out below, and get caught up with one of our new favorite musical projects…

Lets Wait Flyer