Taylor Made: These frat dudes had way too much fun lip-syncing to ‘Shake It Off’


Finally, a fraternity doing some good in the world.

Last week Transylvania University’s Delta Sigma Phi got into the “Shake It Off” lip-syncing game, and pretty much raised the stakes for anyone who isn’t a dad wearing a horsehead mask.

As Taylor Swift certainly knows, haters gonna hate hate hate, as we know, frat bros gonna haze haze haze, but everyone seems cool enough to “Shake It Off” and dance in dorms that haven’t been painted since the ’70s.


These dudes pulled this off all in one take, and it’s a pretty impressive display that also proves there is really nothing else to do these days in Lexington, Kentucky. Who needs nights out on the town when you have Tay Sway in your soul?


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