Take Their Advice: Watch Scottish synth-pop trio Prides’ new video for ‘I Should Know You Better’

Credit: Mike Massaro

Over the summer Northeast synth-pop crew Magic Man ran off a headlining tour of the West Coast, and we nodded approvingly when we saw Los Angeles duo Night Terrors of 1927 were in tow. There was another band taking part in the three-act jaunt as well, and we just scanned over their name as it rang unfamiliar. Turns out we should have investigated a bit more. Our bad.

That band in question is Prides, a new Scottish trio who just dropped a music video for their uplifting, glow-pop single “I Should Know You Better.”

Talk about life imitating art. But it feels like we’ll know these cats very well in the coming months; we just added “I Should Know You Better” into super-hit rotation on Vanya Radio, and our spies in the UK says folks across the Atlantic are getting all worked up over the trio’s CHVRCHES-meets-Bastille brand of modern electronic pop.

Peep the “I should Know You Better” vid down below, and acquiesce accordingly.

Prides UK