Ceelo Green apologizes for ‘idiotic’ rape comments, comes under fire for how he words his apology

Singer and producer Ceelo Green has apologized for reprehensible rape comments he made over the long holiday weekend via Twitter, calling the remarks “idiotic, untrue and not what I believe.”

Amid a firestorm of criticism over his statements, in which he claimed rape was not possible if the woman was unconscious and skewed views of consent, Green deactivated his Twitter and saw TBS cancel his current television show, The Good Life. Last night, the former judge of reality singing competition The Voice tweeted out the following statement, and re-posted it to his Facebook page.

Some on the post’s Facebook thread have already taken issue with his use of “attributed to me,” suggesting Green isn’t taking full responsibility for what he wrote. Claudia Gárate wrote: “attributed to me” YOU WROTE THEM, DUDE.