Your Daily Hurl: Paris Hilton made roughly $350,000 an hour DJing in Ibiza

Credit: Splash News

So we were going to write a clickbait-y headline for this post, something like “You won’t believe what Paris Hilton got paid to DJ recently,” in hopes that you’d clicky-clicky to find out and get that number. Then we realized we might as well put the figure in the headline because what the actual fuck?

USA Today reports that Hilton just banked $2.7 million over four days at an Ibiza nightclub, which breaks down to roughly $347,000 an hour.

An hour.


And you thought Stephen Drew was expensive.

Hilton pulled in that fast cash as a celebrity DJ at a nightclub called Amnesia, which is kinda hilarious in its own right. Here are some more details from USA Today and their lovely dots.

Gannett paper The Arizona Republic reports (via The Sun) that at Ibiza club Amnesia, where Paris has been busy DJ-ing, she’s raking in $347,000 AN HOUR. In short, she has reportedly banked $2.7 million in just four days on her two-month DJ tour.


Next, Paris is hitting South Korea and Colombia before ending her tour in Atlantic City in October. And while The Sun has a source who snips that crowds aren’t digging Paris’ mixes, this video from her gig in Barcelona last weekend seems to prove otherwise…

Meanwhile, we still want you to take the Vanyaland Challenge and try to make it all the way through her latest music video.