Rock For Lightning: Storm in D.C. nearly recreates Bad Brains’ debut album artwork

Credit: @DougHillABC7

A severe thunder and lightning storm hit Washington D.C. Monday afternoon, and one photo of the nature display captured a slight resemblance to Bad Brains’ famed 1982 debut album cover design.

At 5:37 p.m. EST, Doug Hill of ABC 7 tweeted out a photo of a lightning bolt striking the Library of Congress — just missing the nearby Capitol Building.

An illustration of a bolt striking down on the Capitol has been one of the more iconic images in punk rock over the past 32 years.


“There were no reports of any damage or injury from that strike,” reports ABC 7. “There was also lightning spotted in the vicinity of the Washington monument around the same time.”

Mother Nature you scary. Keep sailin’ on.