Weed Never Do That: Linkin Park deny going narc; Sublime With Rome stands firm


Linkin Park has spoken out against this latest w33d controversy, claiming they’re no “Linkin Narc.” The nu-metal band was accused yesterday of snitching on the marijuana smoking of by Sublime With Rome at a recent music festival in Arizona, and the situation made headlines around the world. Sublime With Rome frontman Rome Ramirez used twitter to light up Linkin Park, and shot a pun-heard-’round-the-world by calling them “Linkin Nark.”

But the accused has said no such ordeal went down.

“Rome Ramirez’s allegations are 100% false,” the band said yesterday in a statement. “No one from Linkin Park’s camp said anything to the police or any other authorities regarding the activities taking place in Sublime’s dressing room.”


Linkin Park frontman Mike Shinoda took to twitter to address the issue, and said it would have been unfortunate if someone was representing his band by snitching.

Here are his tweets:


But like the city he was named after, Rome isn’t backing down. He fired off this Instagram last night, referencing a TMZ report that it was someone in the Linkin Park camp who reported the band’s quest to get high as fuck.

Stay tuned! Or don’t! In the meantime, Linkin Park’s new record The Hunting Party is out next month.