Allston Park City: Here are the details on Brighton Music Hall’s parking plan at CVS

Allstonians who use the CVS lot on Brighton Avenue as a shortcut to Cambridge Street may have noticed the recent construction of a little booth near the Allston Street intersection, not far from the Silhouette Lounge. That small, one-person booth, it seems, is the key to the new parking plan created by nearby Brighton Music Hall.

Last week we reported that the Allston rock club has reserved 13 spaces per show for concert-goers to reserve for the evening. Now, details on exactly how this plan will work has been provided by BMH’s booking company, Crossroads Presents

Here be the deets:

You may only purchase a parking voucher for the parking lot located at 181 Brighton Ave if you also purchase a ticket for the corresponding night’s show at Brighton Music Hall. A parking attendant will scan your paper or mobile phone parking voucher. You will not be admitted to the lot if you do not provide a valid voucher.

You may park your vehicle in a spot at the far left side of the lot as directed by the parking attendant from 7:00 pm until 1 hr. after the Brighton Music Hall show ends or 2:30 am, whichever comes first.

Your vehicle is subject to towing after this time. Neither Brighton Music Hall nor Hallston Realty Associates are responsible and neither assumes liability for any loss or damage to your vehicle or items left in your vehicle, whether resulting from fire, theft or other cause. Tailgating is not permitted on the lot.

Parking spaces are $15 per show, and available on a first come, first serve basis. The parking program starts February 4, when BMH welcomes Brazilian Girls and DJ Carbo.