Brazilian artist merges Bret Easton Ellis’ ‘American Psycho’ with Bowie, KISS and others


Our favorite Butcher is back in action. The brilliant artist who gave us the Reverse Music Icons project in December — where stars of yesterday wore the t-shirts of the bands they helped inspire — has now gotten into the world of Bret Easton Ellis. Brazil’s Billy Butcher has now approached the theme of American Psycho, taking Patrick Bateman’s screaming face and merging it with pop culture icons like Walter White, Batman, the Joker, Bart Simpson, and others.

There’s a fine line between Bateman and Batman.

What caught our attention were the music portraits, especially David Bowie and Gene Simmons from KISS. As Patrick’s younger brother Sean would say, “Deal with it. Rock and roll.”


Check the new dynamic duo below, as well as a nice endorsement from Ellis himself, and throw some bank at the Butcher via his online shop.

Psycho 2

Psycho 1


[h/t] The Short List