So, uhhhhh, Coolio is playing the Middle East on August 7


If you want to get any indication how my week has been, this past one has brought about two unexpected surprises involving the rapper Coolio. First, I was taken aback yesterday to learn that the “Fantastic Voyage” captain turned 50-years-old, another rusty peg in those “How Old Do You Feel Now?” punctures of pop culture. Then, I nearly spit out my Ovaltine this morning to see that a one Mr. Artis Leon Ivey Jr. is performing live at the Middle East in Cambridge on Wednesday, August 7.

It’s a Leedz Edutainment gig, of course, and joining the West Coast legend on the bill are people named Light Bright, Charlie The Most, Staxx, Zayne Starx, and People’s Posse. Boston’s MC Kabir is also involved.

I had no idea Coolio was still touring, I lost track of the man after the Juggalo stuff and the cooking shows, and was stoked to see him in the new Mike’s Hard Lemonade commercials. But this is good news. And it’s made even better that he’s not forced to play that weird club in Malden or anywhere else outside of Boston that involves the gangster’s paradise that is the Commuter Rail.

Get your tickets here — Just $15 in advance and $17 day of show! — and take a look back at some of the man’s greatest hits.

Also, I wonder if he’s still mad at Weird Al.


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